We believe that the best insights can come from the customer, so to us arrogance is the enemy of progress.   Cindy is one of our team members,  keeping our customers in the loop, making sure everything is delivered on time.


Q. You recently started with Sterling in August, tell us one key thing you have learnt.

A. Communication is key.  As one of our core values, having a good relationship with each client is crucial.  This helps us to respond to every unique requirement they have.  We always update our customers throughout the build process, letting them know what stage the truck is at.


Q. As part of a team, you assist in operations and with planning.  With your knowledge how have you helped to improve this process?

A.  At Sterling, it’s part of our environment to always be looking for new ways to become smarter and increase our efficiency.   Currently, we are exploring ways of how we can store all of our data and systems, that we use daily ,in one place eliminating the risk of duplication.  It will be simpler and easier for all of our staff to use.


Q. What do you enjoy the most about working at Sterling?

A. The atmosphere is great, and everybody is working together striving to deliver the ‘higher standard’, every time.


Q. Finally, tell us one random fact about yourself!

A. Any spare time I like to be in the kitchen, baking!


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Posted on: 28 - 11 - 2017

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