If you have dealt with Sterling in the last 3 years, you may well have collaborated with our Sales Executive, Grant Owen.  He brings enthusiasm and collaboration to every partnership with our clients.  Read on to find out more about his passion at Sterling.

Q. You have worked in Sales at Sterling for a number of years, what do you enjoy the most?

A. Client interaction.  I love meeting new people!


Q. We pride ourselves in building our products to the Higher Standard, what does that mean for you?

A.Building our products to the Higher Standard means that when presenting to clients, the product almost speaks for itself!


Q. What do you enjoy the most about networking with our clients?

A. The new ideas I get.  Everyone I meet has a different story and different experience…I learn a lot by networking with clients.


Q. How do you make sure you incorporate customer collaboration into your sales process?

A. We find it key to meet clients face to face whenever possible.  This discussion about their requirements enables us to provide the best solution for them.  In addition, it often means we receive valuable feedback from others such as the drivers themselves.


Q. Finally, tell us one random fact about yourself!

A. I was nicknamed ‘Granny’ at primary school!


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Posted on: 01 - 11 - 2017

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