Spoken to Grant?  You have most likely spoken to Rory too.  Rory, as an internal account manager, supports Grant in his sales role, providing quotes and advice to our customers accurately and in a timely manner.  Read on to find out more!


Q. Coming to work for Sterling, name one thing that has stuck with you from day 1?

A. The thing that has stuck with me most is my colleagues’ strong loyalty to the company, which makes us a strong as we are.


Q.What do you enjoy the most about being an internal account manager?

A. Seeing companies come to us with a specific need, to which we put together a specification, build a beavertail body for them that provides a solution to their requirements and more.  It makes for a very happy customer!


Q.You are involved in different parts of the business, tell us 3 things that you are most passionate about.

A. 1. Getting customers a tailored body specification that suits what they do exactly, making life easier for them

2. Putting in place continually improving systems, that help us respond to client requests as soon as possible and get it right first time.

3. Creating an after sales process that is second-to-none.  Making sure our partners’ good experience doesn’t end when they get the truck, but in fact actually starts         then, and continues until they no longer need the truck.


Q. As an internal account manager, how do you help to maintain the higher standard?

A. Making sure we give people we work with, the products they need, to make their life easier, rather than just applying broad-brush solutions to everyone.


Q. Finally, tell us one random fact about yourself.

A. Not many people realise that I’m an animal lover…if it’s got fur or feathers I’ll probably like it!


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Posted on: 07 - 11 - 2017

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