Hiab Trucks from Sterling GP

Here at Sterling GP we have been building a remarkable run of success since our formation just over twenty years ago. While other manufacturers have a long legacy to rest on, we have trailblazing; building a reputation in industry that other manufacturers can only dream of. We are inventive problem solvers, and are tackling Hiab Trucks with the same invention that we do any other problem.


We are changing this industry, and our partners and clients are seeing the benefits already. Our methods, and our meticulous attention to detail are redefining what Hiab truck customers have come to expect.


What Is A Hiab Truck?

Hiab Trucks are more than just a truck. Hiab Loader Cranes ensure that you can take on value-added jobs; ensuring that you can load and unload your truck without any additional equipment.

These cranes can be built to specifications, but typically offer between 12 and 30 tonne metres. You will need to work with our expert team to establish what your specific needs are for your project.


Why Choose Sterling GP?


We are revolutionising the UK market for beavertail plant bodies. We saw a dearth of quality in the UK manufacturing market and seized our opportunity. We have committed ourselves to provide the plant hire industry with a great range of quality beavertail plant bodywork, including Hiab Trucks, that are reliable, strong, safe and efficient.


We have progressed from a plucky startup to a major player in the industry. We are a powerful presence in the design, development and manufacturing of plant transport solutions. We have built our reputation, and our company values, on four key principles that still inform our work today:


  • We believe in continuous improvement
  • We ensure that every innovation becomes standard moving forward
  • Our craftsmanship is meticulous and brilliant
  • Our customers are collaborators


We can read in more detail about these values on our ‘About Us’ page, but they are setting a new industry standard, and propelling Sterling GP to the front of the pack for Hiab Trucks and other plant transport solutions.


Contact Us Today


We believe we are the right partner for your Hiab Truck needs, or any plant body transport solutions. We would love to talk to you about we can help.


There are a number of ways you can get in touch with out team. You can use the contact form for any general enquiries, or you can contact our sales team on 01642 713333 or sales@sterlinggp.com. For parts you can email parts@sterlinggp.com or call the mail sales line. Finally, for services, you can email service@sterlinggp.com.


You can read through some customer case studies to learn about how we work, and how we can work with you. We can’t wait to get to work on your Hiab truck project.

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